About Us

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc.

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc. (ICRC) has partnered with physician, physician practices and healthcare groups and will provide a comprehensive turnkey solution that provides both capital and operational support.

The ICRC founder has over 16 years’ experience in the medical and research field and over 27 years in Finance. Currently our research staff has over 76 years’ experience in the medical field and 34 years in the medical research field combined.

We are building a regionally relevant, that will be a nationally recognized center of health and medical research targeting health improvements through novel treatments, better clinical practice and preventative health. Our success will attract the highest-quality researchers and clinicians to join us and our partner organizations. 

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc. provides clinical trial related services to pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechnology companies, medical device companies, research sites and clinical sites. The site may be a single practice, multispecialty practice, hospital based practice or a similar health care institution that has the infrastructure and staff to meet the requirements of the clinical trial protocol. We are a “Site Management Organization” (SMO) of single and multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary medical groups located in the surrounding Charlotte – Pineville, North Carolina area. We also work privately and exclusively with other medical groups that refer their patients to participate in our various enrolling trials.

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc. has a qualified and experienced team of clinical research professionals who understand the intricacies of conducting clinical trials. Our experience with the entire process, from feasibility to site closeout, enables us to ensure timely and effective delivery at every stage of a trial.  Our dedicated research team is comprised of highly skilled research professionals with many years of experience in all phases of trials and in a myriad of clinical indications.  

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc.’s goal is to provide benchmark standards in research practice but also understand the governing regulations regarding clinical trials; thereby earning Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc.’s recognition as a company that provides our customers with excellent service, responsiveness and results.

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc. has the ability to (but not limited too):

  • Provide multiple quality sites or one single site based on study requirements and the site(s) ability to perform the trial
  • Conduct Phase I-IV trials, inpatient and outpatient
  • Customize a project to accommodate unique and challenging study designs
  • Provide staffing with trained, experienced study coordinators and/or ancillary staff
  • Enroll from large databases with cultural diversity
  • Finalize budgets and contracts quickly
  • Complete regulatory documents with rapid turnaround time
  • Assist sites with recruitment strategies to enroll subjects
  • Provide ongoing on-site development training for our investigators and staff to ensure our sites are consistently producing the required results
  • Perform quality assurance audits to ensure consistent quality data is collected
  • Providing services / support to sites that have issue
  • Creation of source documents to sites, if needed

Our values and compass are based on; Excellence, Collaboration, Intellectual Openness and Inquiry, Empowerment, Respect, Integrity, Quality, Accountability, Equity, Community Partnership and the way we work as a broad based medical research center. Our clinical researchers will span many disciplines and seek to discover mechanisms and pathways underlying clinical conditions improve the range and effectiveness of clinical research treatments; including lifestyle interventions, new drugs and delivery methods, innovative medical implants and devices, develop and test new models of health care and population health based interventions. Our research programs are inclusive of diverse research interests. In particular, we encourage and foster collaboration between academic and clinician researchers to explore immediately-relevant clinical questions and translate findings to benefit local, state, national and international health practice.

As part of its ongoing efforts to help improve access to health care and cutting edge medication, ICRC. will make available various pharmaceutical sponsored research trials. We pride ourselves on the subject safety and retention while providing clean, concise data for our sponsors and CRO’s. Our trained, experienced, dedicated and caring research staff prides itself on always putting the well-being of our research participants first. Our research staff is passionate in their desire to play a role in helping find effective treatments to defeat acute and chronic diseases and improving the patient’s quality of life.  We will strive to provide the best quality data to our Sponsors while giving the participants a positive experience, through a warm, friendly and professional environment. We will be striving to provide “Better Living Today, Better Medicine Tomorrow!”

Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc. understands and appreciates the demands of conducting clinical studies on Sponsors. By developing a network of qualified sites, providing the infrastructure necessary to meet a trial’s stringent timelines, and centrally managing contracts, budgets, and regulatory documents, Innovative Clinical Research Center, Inc.’s commitment to support the successful outcome of each trial conducted at one of our sites is our paramount goal.

To schedule an appointment please call: 704-321-4488